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Saucer of milk, table for 2
You wanna pet my kitty, your such a dirty doggy.
Its your lucky night, cause Im in the mood,
Im feeling spicy, Im feeling real naughty.

Pick a part, you dream it up.
A dark vixen, a Lolita.
Oh boy, tell me your fantasy,
Tonight Im dressing up for you.

I can tell your obbsessed, your shortness of breath.

Ooh, my cookie monster wants a taste test.
Be a big boy, and Ill show you the rest
My little voyeur wants to play explorer.

Pick a part, you dream it up.
Like ... dominatrix.
Oh boy, tell me your fantasy,
Tonight's the night.

Tonight Im gonna come alive,
Make you forget about your 9 to 5,
Are you ready for your blood to rise?
Tonigths the night Im dressing up for you.

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Anónimo,  1/04/2012 04:43:00 p. m.  

bonita cancion !!!!!!!!!!!

Letra Dressin up - Katy Perry

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