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I don't wanna talk stalking for the stars ,
I don't wanna mess message in a box,
I don't wanna candy, cake, neckless,
Baby just a Southern bell from Texas ,
I don't wanna present wrapped in gold,
I don't wanna dress up for the cold,
I don't wanna feel the fire burning,
I just wanna feisty girls from Jersey,
Yeahh, yeahh.

Ohh Santa, I don't wanna toy on Christmas day,
Ohh Santa, I don't wanna bike outside to play,
Ohh Santa, I don't' want a bunch of mistletoe,
All I want for Christmas Santa is a hos,
Santa gimme me hos,
Santa gimme me hos,
Santa gimme me hos, for Christmas.

He-yo, he-yo, he-yo
I don't wanna decorate the tree,
I don't wanna stay and watch TV,
I don't wanna sing about Noel,
I just want a party, and a party and a hotel.

I don't wanna arround the mall,
I don't wanna look at the snowball,
I don't wanna a present I get bored of,
I just want a sexy girl from Florida.


Now all the ladies're loving Santa Claus,
Lets have an after party tonight,
All the fun this thing could be ,
That you only see,
That you should give what you want for Christmas.

I don't wanna ride it on the disc,
I don't wanna be you bigger wish,
I just wanna put up in a limo,
With some surfer chicks from Sacramento


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